400 gsm Camouflage Microfiber Towel


Microfiber Camo towels with unique shape and extreme functionality. Available in 20 or 29″ variation with your choice of icon that fits your outdoor life.

You can also add your own embroidered logo or icon – Click here to contact Absorbent Designs to get the process moving.

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Our Microfiber Camo towels unfortunately will not be able to hide from its unique shape and extreme functionality when compared to others in the outdoors. As with all our towels, the accessibility factor is what makes this towel line terrific along with it's soft texture and incredible absorbency principles.

This Camo towel conforms to your shoulder without drooping or falling off so it is right there at the right time to quickly clean your hands or wipe up the nastiest mess. After all, isn' t this the place where most of us sling our cleaning objects when not being used for a moment or two.

Weather you choose the 20" or 29" Camo towel, this item will naturally blend into your surroundings and actually become a part of your outerwear. With the tapering of the towel at 5"-7" across the middle, each towel can also be used like a scarf. No more bunching up of material along the back of your neckline and makes for a smooth transition into the collar of your favorite coat, jacket or sweater.

It is light weight and breathable if you choose to cover your mouth and nose when trying to keep out that pesky Mosquito or Nat from ruining your day. This Camouflage line of towels was designed to be sport specific with each piece accompanying an icon that supports your hunt or venture of choice. A Turkey for the Turkey Hunter. A Fish for the Fisherman. A Tent for the Camper and so on.

By choosing the proper microfiber blends, the Camo I TOWEL will not streak, making it one of the best products on the market today for cleaning and polishing your finest firearm.

This unique product can be customized with your favorite hunt club emblem or crest that will surly be a gift worth giving and receiving.

The washing instruction for this item are very important as to maintain all the wonderful attributes that accompany this unique piece. Keep it clean out there...

Additional information

Camouflage Icon

Bass/Fish, Camping, Deer, Mallard Duck, Turkey

Icon Placement

End, Middle

Camouflage Size

20", 29"


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